4 Top Tourist Spots You Shouldn’t Miss in Seoul

These past years, anything about South Korea, either K-drama or K-pop, has slowly taken over the world. This increasingly widespread influence has attracted tourists to travel to this beautiful country.

South Korea provides plenty of options, including towns that tourists can visit. If you plan a trip to this country, you can take Seoul as your starter. As the capital of South Korea, Seoul is widely known as the home of culture, history, art, and even food. These things make it a worthy visit since it offers many activities you'll always be interested in. 

As a beginning, you, as a Malaysian should book the flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul to experience a fantastic vacation. If you wonder which places are visit-worthy, here are the four best tourist spots you can't miss during your trip.

Destinations to Visit in Seoul

1. N Seoul Tower

Make your trip to Seoul unforgettable by experiencing the breathtaking height of N Seoul Tower. Also known as Namsan Tower, this iconic landmark offers stunning views of the city as it soars nearly 500 meters above the cityscape, perched on the side of Mount Namsan.

Photo credit : Pixabay

While the scenery from the tower is already impressive, it becomes even more breathtaking when you ascend to the observation platform, which sits at a staggering 777 feet above the ground and gives you panoramic views that offer to look far beyond the horizon. 

During the spring and flower all-around bloom, also fall foliage seasons, the scenery becomes even more magical as the city becomes adorned with a vibrant display of pinks, reds, yellows, and fiery oranges. To reach the tower, you can take a cable car that effortlessly transports you up the mountainside to the tower's base. 

Once there, you can explore four observation decks offering a unique city perspective. Take advantage of the opportunity to dine at the rotating restaurant, where you can enjoy a meal while enjoying the ever-changing views.

2. Bukhansan National Park

When traveling in Seoul, you must list Bukhansan National Park as a must-visit since this park is one of Seoul's most famous tourist spots. Once you arrive, you can see the view of fantastic forests, gorgeous gorges, and steep peaks in this spacious green area.

Photo credit : Pixabay

When you visit in autumn, you can take some time to wander around and watch its mountains covered in flamboyant cloaks of deep crimson, fiery orange, and sunny yellow when the leafage changes along with the season. This park has lovely traditional temples and isolated areas to chill and admire stunning views.

3. Bukchon Hanok Village

During your trip to Seoul, take some time to explore Bukchon Hanok Village to get a taste of South Korea's culture. Built during the 14th century under the leadership of the Joseon Dynasty, Bukchon Hanok Village is now South Korea's rich cultural heritage protected by the country.

Photo credit : Pixabay

Full of traditional Hanok houses and narrow winding alleys, this tourist spot offers you good pictures to take while walking around in traditional hanbok dress. You not only simply stroll around but may also move into several Hanok houses, which provide conventional arts, crafts, and Korean device lessons.

4. Itaewon

Lastly, take some time to wander around and feel the city's energy in Itaewon. This is one of the busiest regions in Seoul, targeted on some pedestrian streets full of shops, cafés, and other businesses.

While you are visiting, ensure you wander down pedestrian-simplest Gyeongnidan Street, as it is covered with all varieties of eating places and is an area to shop for many worldwide meals now no longer effortlessly to be had in Korea (like pizza and American-fashion barbecue).

You can also wander around every other avenue known as Itaewon Antique Furniture Street, which is full of vintage shops, and purchase precise presents for your circle of relatives or friends.


Overall, Seoul has plenty of tourist spots that offer memorable experiences you should take advantage of. These four spots offer different experiences yet are worthy enough to explore. Start planning your trip by booking a ticket for a South Korean flight with the Traveloka app. Visit Traveloka now to discover the best flight ticket deals!

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