Does it Snow In Malaysia?

Winter is here finally in Malaysia. But? Really? Does it snow in Malaysia? No, it is actually not! It only happens in the theme park. 

Malaysia experiences only hot and humid weather all time of the year.

It also has a tropical rainforest climate with a temperature of almost 20 degrees Celsius. To info, it is even reached 40.1 degrees celsius recorded at Chuping, Perlis back in 1998. 

The only spot where snow might fall is on Sabah Mount Kinabalu due to its height from the sea level.

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And to my knowledge, it has a record of snow appearance on Feb, 22 last year (2022).

The only snow you might find here in Malaysia is at the famous i-City theme park. Also, there is another place that I visited a few years back in Genting Highlands, Pahang called Snow World. But I’m not so sure if it’s still there on not.

Where To Enjoy Snow In Malaysia?

Luckily, I had a chance before to visit Seoul, Korea in Mac with my siblings. Even though we were not got to touch and experienced the snow myself since Mac is the end of the winter I was chilled to the bone.

Not to mention, you should also enjoy hot delicious kimchi jjigae or stew in winter in Korea as I did. I was so good, warm, and fulfilling. 

And here in Malaysia, if you are about to enjoy the cold and freezing moment, you might want to visit the SnoWalk located in i-City Shah Alam, Malaysia.

My 2023 Wishlists and Resolution

This is one of my wishlists this year to bring the kids there.

The place is not so far from Kuala Lumpur. You may reach it by car or rent a Grab to get there. Also from the info that I read, the temperature at this place is set to be below -8 degrees Celsius.

Therefore you will experience a like-real winter there. It is also occupied with lots of snow, ice sculptures, and also slides for you to enjoy.

I’m yet to get my family to visit there once the school holiday start. I can feel the thrill to experience the winter moment myself as I’ll get to see the beautiful snow in Malaysia.

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