How To Cook Fluffy White Rice On The Stove

That day my daughter asked how to cook fluffy white rice on the stove. I was like, Oh! that should be so simple. Then she’s like, can you help teach me how to cook white rice, please?

I thought she already knew about it but then she asked again.

Is there any simple recipe and tutorial I can refer to?

The Perfect Type of Fluffy White Rice

According to her, it supposes to be easy to chew and melt in the mouth with nice fragrance. She doesn’t want it undercooked because she had this bad experience in one of the restaurants we went to for lunch the other day.

The rice is not fully cooked since we can still feel the hard part inside it. It feels like been taken directly from the paddy field. We felt so disappointed and wanted to get a refund. 

But, my husband won’t let us labeled as rude customers.

So we let it slide. Trust me, I will never go to that restaurant again. At least until they improve their cooking style.

Types of White Rice

There are several types of white rice categorized on their grain sizes. Those are;

  • Short grain
  • Medium grain
  • Long grain

All the above should be cooked according to different amounts of water added. Rice is known to be one of the staple food, especially in Malaysia and Asia. I can’t live without white rice, haha! It’s been part of me since born. But then, somehow now I prefer Mediterranean diet smoothies over rice for my weight loss journey.

My family usually buys medium-grain rice. It’s either imported from Thailand or just local Malaysian rice. But if you love sushi or gimbap, then you must use short-grain rice to make it. It is more sticky and easier to roll with a seaweed sheet.

So for history, I was taught to cook white rice since primary school, like at 11 or 12. My late father worked in a rubber plantation while my mother was a housewife.

But sometimes she will follow and help my father work there until noon. Soon after I get home after school, I need to cook some simple food like white rice earlier.

Also, I need to prepare the ingredients and thaw the chicken or fish while waiting for my mum to cook when she’s back from helping my father.

Simple White Rice Recipe Like My Mum Did It!

Since I’m using medium-size rice grains, my mum always reminds me to use the exact water-to-rice ratio.

But how can we know the correct water ratio? Well, you may follow the tutorial below. By the way, I prefer to cook rice on the stove. I have an electric rice cooker (1.8 liters) but seldom used.

How To Cook Fluffy White Rice on the Stove?

This is a simple and straightforward method for cooking white rice on the stove. It can be considered as classic way to cook rice

It results in fluffy, tender rice that can be enjoyed on its own or used as a base for other dishes.

  • Get 1 cup of rice. Rinse it about 2 times (my typical Asian way).
  • Put it in saucepan. I’m using a 6 inches saucepan or Indian aluminum pot.
  • Add 1.5 cups water into the pot and let it simmer with small to medium heat
  • Cover with lid (please do not take off the lid until rice is fully cooked)
  • Turn off the heat after 15-18 minutes
  • Let it rest for a few minutes in the steamy saucepan or pot.
  • Fluff the rice with a fork and serve

Add 1 cup of white rice

Water to rice ratio 1:1.5

Perfectly cooked fluffy white rice

Correct Water Portion

The measure of water for perfectly cooked rice is 1 cup of rice to 1 1/4 cup water

Hopefully, this info can help you all cook white rice perfectly.

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